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This is the second part of the server, which contains a list of INTERNET resources for economic historians. Both this part and the first part of the server can be found in the Italian version.

Italian version

Resources for economic historians

created by Michelangelo Vasta

The aim of this survey is to offer an introduction to the various INTERNET resources of interest to economic historians at large. The document is divided into three parts: the WWW sites, the mailing lists, and the newsgroups. Finally, there is a section on electronic resources that are still not available on INTERNET. The survey is in its first version and is by no means exhaustive; comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

WWW sites

Societies and associations
Universities and institutes
Hypertext papers
Collection of papers
Sources and Data archives
Software archives
Reviews of resources
On-line searchers

Mailing lists


Other electronic resources


Created and edited by Michelangelo Vasta


These pages were last up-dated on the 4th September 1995

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